This chapter begins with a very brief outline of the history of wine production and consumption in the United States up through roughly 1990. We then turn to the demand side to consider recent data on wine markets, including information on demand by quality, and the domestic and import sources of wine consumed in the United States and Canada. Section 3 reviews recent data on grape and wine production in the United States and Canada with specific attention to grape acreage and production by variety and region in California. We also examine grape prices by region and variety. Section 3 also includes analysis of recent wine production and patterns and the industrial organization of the wine industry, including vertical integration from grape production through wine production, and a brief discussion of exports. Finally, in section 4, we review the most important economic and policy issues now facing the winegrape and wine industries in the United States and Canada and discuss how the industry is likely to evolve in the near future and over the longer term.

See PDF article here: An Economic Survey of the Wine and Winegrape Industry in the United States and Canada. Paper by Daniel A. Sumner , Helene Bombrun, Julian M. Alston, and Dale Heien. Revised draft December 2, 2001