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Contributions of the California Almond Industry
to Local, State and National Economies
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Project Description:
This project will describe and measure the role of the California almond industry in the economy of local regions, California and the nation. This description will include measures of farm and processor inputs, farm and processor employment, contracted production services, taxes, fees, permit costs, philanthropic contributions and community engagement as well as other economic measures. Project results will help answer the question: what would be the broad impacts on the economy from changes in the California almond industry?

    William A. Matthews (530)752-1520

    Daniel A. Sumner (530) 752-1668

California Agricultural Statistics Review pages:

    CA ag export values and rankings p.119
    CA ag exports overview p.117
    CA share of commodity exports p.121
    Cash income by commodity groups p.8
    Commodity rank and leading counties p.25
    Commodity summaries p.11
    Farm facts p.3
    Farm income indicators p.9
    Fruit and nut crop overview p.56
    Global marketplace p.7
    Major destinations of CA ag exports p.123
    Ratio of exported to produced p. 130
    Tree nut acreage p. 79
    Source:California Agricultural Statistics Review 2013-2014


    Almond export data
    Almond production data
    Commodity highlights, almonds
    Contributions of the California Almond Industry to Local, State, National and Global Economies
    Trade tables (USDA ERS)
    USDA ERS food availabilty, tree nuts
    USDA ag census data
    USDA NASS non-citrus fruits and nuts, 2013 summary
USDA NASS quickstats
    USDA tree nut consumption by population demographics

Production cost studies: Almonds
    2011 San Joaquin Valley North, Flood Irrigation  
    2011 San Joaquin Valley North, Micro Sprinkler Irrigation
    2012 Sacramento Valley, Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation

   Source - Agricultural and Resource Economics,UC Davis.Cost and Return Studies

This project supported by The Almond Board of California



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