Georgi Gabrielyan

Georgi T. Gabrielyan
Graduate Student Researcher
Room 246, Hunt Hall


Georgi T. Gabrielyan  is a PhD Candidate in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Davis. In addition to the graduate fields of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics completed in the department of the Agricultural and Resource Economics, Georgi completed a full graduate field in International Trade. He specializes in international trade policy issues with special emphasis on California wine and agriculture.  At the Agricultural and Resource Economics department Georgi taught an intermediate econometrics course and worked as a graduate research assistant at the Agricultural Issues Center for over three years where, as part of his everyday asks, he conducts research on issues directly related to California agriculture. He is fluent in Armenian, Russian. Georgi  recently won a scholarship for research papers in Wine Economics which provided him with the opportunity to present a paper from his dissertation-work titled “WineTrade and the Economics of Import Duty and Excise Tax Drawbacks” at the annual meeting of the American Association of Wine Economists at Bordeaux, France in June, 2016. In his spare time he likes to road- bike and listen to old records.



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