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Importing STEs in Korea and Japan: Evolution, Operation, and Implications

This paper describes the operations of importing state trading enterprises (STEs) of agricultural products in Korea and Japan. Since the case of Japan is similar enough to Korea, most of the paper is devoted to Korean case and a separate section explains Japan. More specifically, this paper intends to answer the following questions:

  • As result of the URAA, what arrangements were made related to the state trading of agricultural products for Korea and Japan?
  • What are the state trading agricultural products in Korea and Japan? What STEs are importing what product(s), and how much? How do these data compare to the pre-UR data? How do they use the revenues from STE operation?

See PDF paper here: Importing STEs in Korea and Japan: Evolution, Operation, and Implications. Paper by Jung-Sup Choi, Daniel A. Sumner and JooHo Song presented at the North American Forum: Workshop on the Role of the State in International Trade. November 1998.

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