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The Solano Agricultural Futures project

The Solano Agricultural Futures project
Al Sokolow and Kurt Richter
Dec. 2007

The Solano Agricultural Futures project is a comprehensive examination of the county’s farm and ranch sector. The research focuses on obstacles and prospects for future development of the economic base of Solano County agriculture, with particular attention to the land use and the production and marketing of specific commodities and products.

The University of California Agricultural Issues Center is conducting the  study in collaboration with the Solano County office of UC Cooperative Extension.

The first report summarizes the perceptions of local farmers and ranchers (expressed in nine focus group sessions) about the economic health of local agriculture.
What Farmers and Ranchers Say about the Future of Solano County Agriculture: a Summary of Focus Group Discussions. (pdf, 300 KB)

The second report analyzes the diversity and economic dimensions of Solano County agriculture and includes an in-depth profile covering production patterns, commodity markets, land ownership and leasing arrangements, agricultural land markets, operator and farm family characteristics, and the sources of agricultural income.
The Economic Roots of Solano County Agriculture. (pdf, 925 KB)

The third report in the series compares agricultural policies of Solano and eight other California counties.
Regulating, Protecting and Promoting Local Agriculture: Lessons for Solano from other Counties.
 (pdf, 140 KB)

The fourth and final report presents a set of recommendations to the Board of Supervisors focusing on economic options for Solano County agriculture in specific commodity markets, the services contributed by agricultural land, and the role of county government.
The Future of Solano County Agriculture: What County Government Can Do. (pdf, 470 KB)

The project generated four reports in 2007 and a comprehensive publication is planned in early 2008. For questions or more information, email Mr Kurt Richter at

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