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A regional look at the distribution of farm program payments and how it may change with a new farm bill

Read the full article here: A Regional Look at the Distribution of Farm Program Payments and How It May Change with a New Farm Bill. By John Antle and Laurie Houston. The magazine of food, farm, and resource issues 4th Quarter 2013 28(4).

We utilize individual responses to the Agricultural Census to examine the distribution of the major types of farm program payments among four regions of the country— the Corn Belt, the Lake States, the Northern Plains, and the Pacific Northwest (PNW) east of the Cascade Mountains (we exclude the western side of the Cascades due to the diverse mix of specialty crops that have little connection to the farm bill provisions and because it has large metropolitan areas). The Corn Belt and Northern Plains regions illustrate the distribution of payments in regions where “program commodities” dominate the production systems, whereas the Lake States and PNW represent more diverse regions less dominated by those commodities. Despite large differences in the size and type of farms in these regions, our analysis shows some common patterns in the distribution of payments.


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