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Christine Gutierrez presents at Almond Short Course

Christine Gutierrez, an AIC Staff Research Associate,  presented at the Almond Short Course held at the Modesto Center Plaza on November 8-10, 2016.  The Almond Short Course featured UC faculty, UC Cooperative Extension specialists and farm advisors, and USDA researchers, who provided an in-depth, comprehensive class on all phases of almond culture and production. The program was based on the latest information and research and covered the fundamental principles that form the basis for practical decisions. The program was geared towards new and experienced growers, as well as other industry members interested in commercial almond production.

The University of California‚Äôs Agricultural Issues Center released four new studies on the cost and returns of an almond orchard in 2016. At the Almond Short Course, Christine  presented on the economics of establishing an orchard and almond production. The session reviewed the total investment to establish an orchard through its 5th year, what cultural costs have changed between 2008 and 2016, and provided a model for net grower returns. The session also discussed tools available on the AIC website to customize the studies to a farming operation, including copies of the four almond cost studies, as well as the Tree Loss Calculator.

The Almond Short Course was sponsored by UC Davis, UC Cooperative Extension and UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

These cost studies and more are available at:

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