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What Will Trump’s Trade Wars Do to the U.S. Economy? Listen to the podcast


The United States is moving towards more protectionist policies—abandoning a system of free trade that America itself had built. Nationalists in the White House and labor unions are embracing tariffs to protect older industries, like steel and aluminum, while some economists encourage trade protections for America’s intellectual property and new technologies like artificial intelligence. What does greater protectionism look like in 21st century America? Are there advantages to raising tariffs? And in what ways will American businesses, workers, and consumers feel the consequences of protectionism and resulting trade wars? UCLA Anderson economist Ed Leamer, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trade and Compliance in the Obama administration Michael Camuñez, Director of the University of California Agricultural Issues Center Daniel Sumner, and David Loevinger, former U.S. Treasury Department senior coordinator for China affairs, visit Zócalo to discuss how a newly protectionist America will affect Americans.



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