Past Workshops (with proceedings) UC Ag Issues Center

Mediterranean Products in the Global Market, 2008

Market Organization, Resources and Finance in Mediterranean Crops
, 2007

Mediterranean Products in a Global Market Place, 2007

Reform of Domestic Policies in the US and the EU for Mediterranean Products, 2006

Mediterranean Products in the WTO and in Regional Trade Agreements: Trade Negotiations and Trade Disputes
, 2006

Mediterranean Products in a Global Market Place, April 26-27, 2007. Barcelona, Spain.

Workshop Agenda (doc)

Session 1: Consumption Trends

World Trends in Horticultural Products and Opportunities for Developing Countries (pdf, 970kb)
Author: Pascal Liu

Freshfeel Fruit and Vegetable Production, Trade and Consumption Monitor in the EU-25 (pdf, 1.8mb)
Author: Philippe Binard

Session 2: Market Analysis and Traders' Strategies

Market Trends and Retailers' Strategies in Fresh Produce (ppt, 1.99mb)
Author: Marian Garcia-Martinez

Value Chain Strategies in Developing Countries
Author: Nick Vink
Presentation (pdf, 291kb)
Text (pdf, 183kb)

Session 3: Labeling and Valuation of Goods

Valuation of Food Labeling (pdf, 841kb)
Author: Maria Loureiro

Legal Aspects of Geographical Indications (pdf, 324kb)
Author: Burkhart Goebel

GIs: Market Potential & Players' Strategies in the EU (pdf, 4.1mb)
Author: Jean-Louis Rastoin

Labeling, GIs and the Consumer (pdf, 111kb)
Author: Jose Maria Gil

Session 4: International Relationships: Multilateral and Regional Options for Mediterranean Agriculture

Trade Liberalization and Turkish Agriculture: Threat or Opportunity
Author: Erol H. Cakmak
Presentation (pdf, 504kb)
Text (pdf, 311kb)

International Options for EU Mediterranean Products (pdf, 439kb)
Author: Tomas Garcia Azcarate

International Options for U.S. Specialty Products (pdf, 91kb)
Author: Lashonda McLeod

International Relationships: Multilateral and Regional Options in Mediterranean Agriculture (pdf, 30kb)
Author: Jesus Anton

Session 5: International Relationships: SPS and non-Tariff Barriers

Assesment of non-Tariff Barriers and their Protection Effect (pdf, 864kb)
Author: Luca Salvatici

EU Requirements for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (pdf, 204kb)
Author: Denis de-Froidmont

SPS Issues at the WTO (pdf, 219kb)
Author: Christiane Wolff

Session 6: Policy Forum

Trade Policy Under Regulatory Asymmetry (pdf, 1.9mb)
Author: Davis Leishman

Agriculture and the Impacts of Free Trade in the Region (pdf, 1.4mb)
Author: Jordi Bacaria

Reform of Domestic Policies in the US and the EU for Mediterranean Products,
December 6-7, 2006. Washington, D.C.

Workshop Agenda (doc)

Discussion Opening:
Policy Change for Mediterranean Products in the EU (ppt, 124kb)
Author: Giovanni Anania

Domestic Policy Reform in the EU: What is Ahead for Fruit and Vegetables? (ppt, 122kb)
Author: Antonio Cioffi

Farm Bill Food and Nutritional Programs: Economic and Nutritional Impact (ppt, 79kb)
Authors: Timothy J. Richards and Paul M. Patterson

Federal Farm Policy and Domestic Support for Mediterranean Products (ppt, 235kb)
Author: Jay E. Noel

Mediterranean Products and the Fate of the Doha Round (ppt, 108kb)
Author: Timothy E. Josling

Producer Organisations in the fruit and vegetable sector of the EU with a Focus on Southern Member States (pdf, 299kb)
Author: Marc Duponcel

U.S. Wine Sector and Policy Issues (ppt, 255kb)
Authors: Daniel Pick and Agnes Perez

Wine Economics and Policy Comments (ppt, 140kb)
Author: Daniel A. Sumner

WTO, Bilaterals and Mediterranean Product Policy (ppt, 361kb)
Authors: Pierluigi Londero and Dangiris Nekrasius

Mediterranean Products in the WTO and in Regional Trade Agreements: Trade Negotiations and Trade Disputes, June 26-28, 2006. Montpellier, France.

This workshop focused on the impact of WTO talks on Mediterranean goods, WTO litigation, and regional trade negotiations. The workshop is being hosted by the Centre International de Hautes Études Agronomiques Méditerranéennes and is being funded by The German Marshall Fund.

Workshop Agenda (pdf)

Conceptual Issues Raised by GI Protection for Mediterranean Products: the "domestic" side (pdf, 2.07mb)
Author: Giovanni Anania

Economics of Litigation for Mediterranean Commodities (ppt, 372kb)
Author: Daniel A. Sumner

European Community Agricultural Subsidies for Mediterranean Products and the WTO
(ppt, 1.25mb)
Author: Scott Andersen

NAMA, Services and TRIPS: Possible Outcomes and Implications for Mediterranean Products (ppt, 86kb)
Author: Timothy Josling

Possible Outcomes of the Negotiations for Developing Countries and the Implications for Mediterranean Products (ppt, 174kb)
Author: Pedro Arias

The Framework of EU-Med Agreements: Assessment and Future Perspectives in the Fruit and Vegetable Sector (ppt, 729kb)
Authors: Emmanuelle Chevassus-Lozza and Jacques Gallezot

Trade in Mediterranean Products: The Effects of United States Regional and Bilateral Trade Agreements
(ppt, 2.92mb)
Authors: Fumiko Yamazaki and Mechel S. Paggi

Market Organization, Resources and Finance in Mediterranean Crops, October 24-26, 2007. Sonoma, California, USA.

Workshop Agenda (pdf)

Session 1: Producer organizations in Europe and California

Producer Organizations in the EU: Policy Issues (ppt, 776kb)
Author: Jose-Maria Garcia-Alvarez-Coque

Producer Collective Action in California Agriculture (ppt, 250kb)
Author: Richard J. Sexton

Session 2: Producer organizations and Geographic indicators

Circumventing Antitrust Legislation: Supply Control through Input Restrictions in European PDOs (pdf, 20mb)
Author: Pierre R. Mérel

POs and PDOs: A Tale of Two Marketing Models (ppt, 54kb)
Author: Tim Josling

Session 3: Sustainability and wine markets

Sustainable & Organic Winegrowing Practices: with Examples from Fetzer Vineyards (ppt, 7.6mb)
Author: Ann Thrupp

Wine & Environment, Salient Characters and First Results the French Experience (ppt, 6.9mb)
Author: Jean-Baptiste Traversac

Sustainability Initiatives in the Global Wine Industry (ppt, 490kb)
Author: Ann Thrupp

Session 4: Water markets, resource issues and Mediterranean agriculture

Water, the Environment, and California's Agriculture (ppt, 241kb)
Author: David Zilberman

Water Quality, Quantity and Mediterranean Crop Production (pdf, 286kb)
Author: Richard Howitt

Discussion opener: Water Markets, Resource Issues, and Mediterranean Agriculture (ppt, 1mb)
Author: Leo Simon

Session 5: Credit and risk management

Credit and Risk Management (ppt, 683kb)
Author: Corny Gallagher

Session 6: Traceability, food safety and product attributes

Traceability and Incentives for Food Safety and Quality: Implications for Mediterranean Crops (pdf, 374kb)
Authors: Sébastien Pouliot and Daniel A. Sumner

Traceability as a Component in Bio-Security Systems (pdf, 1.4mb)
Author: Mechel S. Paggi

Discussion opener: Traceability, Food Safety and Product Attributes (ppt, 56kb)
Author: Sofia Villas-Boas

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