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Egypt's Future Depends on Agriculture and Wisdom
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The Purpose of this Book is to provide an analysis of present day Egypt that will suggest appropriate pathways to maintain and improve the economy of the country and the quality of life of the people. It is the author's philosophy that the growth of the country’s economy and the employment of the people will be based on the success of its agriculture.
Author: Lowell N. Lewis
Coordinator, California-Catalan Programs ( )

The Negotiations on Agriculture in the Doha Development Agenda Round: Current Status and Future Prospects

(pdf, 99kb)
The paper briefly discusses developments in the negotiations on agriculture in the WTO Doha Development Agenda Round from January 2000 to September 2005 and identifies the main elements to be considered when speculating on the outcome of the Ministerial Conference in Hong Kong.
Authors: Giovanni Anania and Jean-Christophe Bureau
European Review of Agricultural Economics, 32 (4), 2005, pp. 539-550.

Public Regulation as a Substitute for Trust in Quality Food Markets: What if the Trust Substitute cannot be Fully Trusted?

(pdf, 347kb)
This paper presents an analysis of the decisions of producers and consumers of a credence good in three institutional scenarios, which reflect different levels of credibility of the regulation providing consumers with a substitute for the trust they lack and, consequently, different levels of trust consumers place in the quality of the product.
Authors: Giovanni Anania and Rosanna Nisticò
Journal of Theoretical and Institutional Economics, 160 (4), 2004, pp. 681-701.

Policy Vision for Sustainable Rural Economies in an Enlarged Europe

(pdf, 211kb)
The approach followed in this paper is to start with a vision for a desirable and sustainable agricultural and rural policy for an enlarged Europe in about 25 years from now and in a second step to spell out in broad terms how it might be put in place.
Authors: West European Working Group and the Délégation à l’Aménagement du Territoire et à l’Action Régionale (DATAR)
Studies in Spatial Development, no. 4, Hanover, 2003, pp. 27-71.


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