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Commodities & markets, Exports, Management, Policy

AIC postdoctoral scholar Pablo Valdes-Donoso presented about “Dairy Manure Regulations and Economic Implications for Dairy Farms in California” to Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) students

AIC news, Conservation & sustainability, Management, Studies

AIC research economist Karen Jetter presented “Costs to manage invasive aquatic weeds in the California Bay-Delta 2013 -2017” at the Delta Stakeholders meeting in Stockton

AIC news, Commodities & markets, Management

AIC project scientist William Matthews presented “Contributions of the U.S. Honey Industry to the U.S. Economy” in Denver, Colorado

Management, Policy, Studies

Former AIC researcher John Bovay and AIC director Dan Sumner published implications of the US Food safety regulations

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies

New UC cost study of a cow-calf operation in California’s Central Coast

Commodities & markets, Management, Policy, Studies

Effects of subsidized crop insurance on crop choices

Commodities & markets, Management, Media, Policy

Amid immigration crackdown, this avocado farmer is struggling to find workers

Commodities & markets, Exports, International issues, Management, Media

Supply Management and Inevitable Unintended Consequences

Commodities & markets, Management, Wine & winegrapes

“Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?”

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies

AIC Releases New Raspberry Cost Study, also available in Spanish

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