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Commodities & markets, Studies

AIC released new report “Contributions of the California Dairy Industry to the California Economy in 2018”

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies

UC releases latest cost and returns for ranchers raising beef cattle

AIC news, Conservation & sustainability, Management, Studies

AIC research economist Karen Jetter presented “Costs to manage invasive aquatic weeds in the California Bay-Delta 2013 -2017” at the Delta Stakeholders meeting in Stockton

Management, Policy, Studies

Former AIC researcher John Bovay and AIC director Dan Sumner published implications of the US Food safety regulations

AIC news, Commodities & markets, Studies

AIC paper analyzes production losses from Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in selected midwest US sow farms

Commodities & markets, Exports, International issues, Policy, Studies

New tariffs tax economic prospects of tree nut and fruit industries

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies

New UC cost study of a cow-calf operation in California’s Central Coast

Commodities & markets, Management, Policy, Studies

Effects of subsidized crop insurance on crop choices

Commodities & markets, International issues, Studies

Amid trade turmoil, olive industry eyes U.S. market

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies

AIC Releases New Raspberry Cost Study, also available in Spanish

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