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California Agriculture: Water, Labor, and Immigration
Friday, April 15, 2016
Kalmanovitz Appellate Courtroom, UC Davis Law School


California agriculture and the farm workforce are changing. Scarce water, expensive land, and changing consumer preferences have increased the importance of fruits and nuts, vegetables, and horticultural specialty or FVH crops in the state’s farm sales. There are fewer newcomers to the farm workforce, prompting farm employers to take steps to satisfy current workers, stretch them with mechanical aids and substitute machines for hand workers, and supplement with H-2A guest workers.

There is no charge to participate, but seating is limited. You must RSVP before April 1, 2016 REGISTRATION LINK AVAILABLE HERE SOON.

This conference examines current issues in agriculture and farm labor. We are grateful for the support of the UC Ag Issues and Gifford Centers, the Giannini, Rosenberg, and WKF foundations, and the ALRB. For further information, contact Philip Martin, plmartin@ucdavis.edu


Past Events

The Expansion of Federal Crop Insurance Program and its Production Effects
Jisang Yu.
Presentation slides from a seminar for the Colusa Farm Show, Feb, 2016

Food for a Healthy World: Monitoring Progress Towards Food . Security Public Symposium
Thursday June 4, 8:30-12 Student Community Center, UC Davis

Climate Change:
Challenges to California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources


AIC Director Dan Sumner (L) adresses the Climate Change: Challenges to California’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Conference in Sacramento.


UC Drought Science, Policy and Management Summit
- AIC Director Dan Sumner's slides available here. All slides available here.
- Video of the conference available here.
- Photos available here.

Labor, Water, and California Agriculture in 2014
Friday, April 18, 2014
UC Davis Law School
Click for AIC Director Dan Sumner’s slide presentation.

Pests, Germs and Seeds: The Economics of Policies, Programs, and Technologies for Managing Agricultural Pests and Diseases
Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29 2014. UC Davis.

The Farm Bill and Western Agriculture
(presentation slides available)
May 14, 2013
The new Farm Bill and its impacts on agriculture in the West.

Beeronomics: The Economics of Beer and Brewing
This half-day symposium brought together leading scholars from around the world who study the economics of beer and brewing.

Toward a Common Standard: Union Label Laws and Geographic Indicators of Origin.
Selected proceedings from the June 2011 UCD Extension Wine Law class.

Dinastia Vivanco: Giving back to wine what wine has given to us.
Robert Mondavi Institute, Center for Wine Economics.
A documentary directed by Zev Robinson on the Wine, Wineries and Winemakers of Dinastia Vivanco in Rioja, Spain. A screening of the film, followed by a discussion with the Film Director, Zev Robinson.

The Economics of Food, Health and Nutrition: International Comparisons, Analysis, and Roles for Government

February 2011 Crown Conference Centre, Southbank, Melbourne, Australia.
Issues surrounding food, health and nutrition are gaining in prominence – reports of an ‘obesity epidemic’ appear with increasing frequency. The agricultural and natural resource sectors play a key role in contributing to food, health and nutrition outcomes. Changes in agricultural productivity, the production of new foods, such as functional foods, and shifts in consumer preferences pose new challenges for public policy.
This workshop explored the economics of agricultural and food policies and associated health outcomes. Presentations from international and Australian experts addressed subjects encompassing food and agricultural policy, the economics of obesity, and food labelling and consumer behaviour.

San Joaquin Valley Grape Symposium
The Central Valley Winegrape Industry and the World Market for Wine
AIC Director Dan Sumner's presentation at the San Joaquin Valley Grape Symposium, January 2011.

Winegrapes vs. Nuts: An Historical Review of Production in the San Joaquin Valley and Implications for the Future
AIC Researcher Jim Lapsleys presentation, January 2011.

Dessert Wine Short Course
From Angelica to Zinfandel (Port): A brief history of California dessert wine production
AIC Researcher Jim Lapsleys presentation for a recent course on dessert wines, January 2011.

Opportunities in the Korean Food Market.

AIC Director Daniel Sumner's presentation for the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency. Dec 2010.
See :The Prospective Free Trade Agreement with Korea: Background, Analysis, and Perspectives for California Agriculture. Hyunok Lee and Daniel A. Sumner, June 2009.

Volatility in American Agriculture

AIC Director Daniel Sumner presented a session for the Ag in uncertain times Webinar series, presented December 8, 2010 by Western Extension Committee.
Video and audio will be available here.
Presentation slides available here.
Background Excel charts available here.

Boom and Bust Cycles and Emerging Opportunities in the World Wine Industry

October 12, 2010, Davis CA. This mini-symposium featured a roundtable discussion of boom and bust cycles and emerging opportunities in the world wine industry, focusing on the roles of evolving markets, resource constraints, and technologies. It was targeted to a broad audience of industry participants as well as UC Davis students, faculty and staff.

California's Climate Change Policy: The Economic and Environmental Impacts of AB 32
October, 2010. Sacramento, CA.
(presentations and video available for download)
Presented by The Giannini Foundation and the UC Agricultural Issues Center The conference brought together leading economists, analysts, and executives from academia, the state government, and industry to discuss the impacts of climate change and AB 32 on the California economy and the environment.
Impacts of AB 32 on Agriculture. Daniel A. Sumner and John Thomas Rosen-Molina.
Presentation slides available here.

Wine Economics Issues in South Africa and California

RMI Center for Wine Economics mini-symposium
August 23, 2010

Farm and Food Policy and Obesity

A two-day workshop on Farm and Food Policy and Obesity will be held at the UC Davis Conference Center in Davis, California, on May 21-22, 2010.
The workshop will be preceeded on Thursday May 20 by a free public lecture by “World is Fat” author Barry Popkin entitled “The World is Fat: Global Dynamics, Causes, Policy Options”.

Outlook and Issues for the World Wine Market

3-6 pm, June 25, 2010. UC Davis Conference Center
The University of California Agricultural Issues Center and the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science are jointly convening a three-hour symposium on Outlook and Issues for the World Wine Market. The symposium on Friday, June 25 will precede the fourth annual conference of the American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE), to be held at UC Davis on June 26-28, 2010

American Association of Wine Economists 4th Annual Conference

June 26-28, 2010 University of California, Davis

An Outlook for California Specialty Crops in the Global Economy
Presentation to Farm Bureau, March 1, 2010
William A. Matthews

Market Organization, Resources and Finance in Mediterranean Crops
October 2007
Click for proceedings

California Agroecosystem Services: Assessment, Valuation and Policy Perspective
Proceedings from the Sept 2007 workshop
Click for combined pdf of all papers below
(pdf, 3120 kb)
- A Framework for Assessment of California Agroecosystems

Tom Tomich, Kelly Garbach, Canter, Agricultural Sustainability Institute, UC Davis (pdf, 2400 kb)
- Modeling Agroecosystem Services for Policy Analysis
John Antle, Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics, Montana State University  (pdf, 190 kb)      
- Evaluating Regulation and Conservation Policy for California’s Agri-environmental Externalities
Nicolai V. Kuminoff,   Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics, Virginia Tech. (pdf, 575 kb)
-Using Biophysical Information in Policies for Agroecosystem Services in California
Louise Jackson, Department of Air, Water, and Land Resources, UC Davis (pdf, 440 kb)

Spring Outlook Symposium
March 2005
Click for proceedings

California Agricultural Symposium: Challenges and Opportunities
March, 2005
Click for proceedings

Plant or Pull: The Economic Outlook for Tree Crops
May, 2004
Click for proceedings
The workshop addressed the situation and outlook of walnuts, almonds, prunes and clingstone peaches in northern California and attempted to answer the following issues: - Is the future of your tree crop threatened? - Are there opportunities in planting other tree crops?

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