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Wine law conference 2011.

Toward a Common Standard: Union Label Laws and Geographic Indicators of Origin
Selected proceedings from a UCD Extension class, June,2011.

Wine quality can only be assessed by opening a bottle and tasting the wine. For that reason, labels and label information are extremely important in wine marketing, since they allow consumers to make quality judgments without actually tasting a wine. In an extremely competitive international marketplace, firms employ various strategies to differentiate themselves from commodity producers. Some use geographic indicators or origin, others use varietal names, and still others make overt quality claims such as “winemaker selection” or “old vines.” 

Europe and the United States in the World of Wine. DanSumner, AIC Director

California Perspective. James Clawson, CEO, JBC International

Appellations as Intellectual Property. Timothy Josling, Emeritus Professor, Stanford University

Review of the UC Davis Wine Law Conference, June 2-4
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