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Farm and Food Policy and Obesity

May 21-22, 2010—UC Davis Conference Center


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Project Papers

Pre-workshop lecture:Dr. Barry Popkin
The World is Fat: Global Dynamics, Causes, Policy Options
available online:
1. Lecture ( mp3,~1 hour)
2. Question and answer (mp3,~25 minutes)
3.  Presentation slides (pdf, 3.75MB)

Presentations available for download (pdf format)

The Economics of Obesity, Jay Bhattacharya
Food Prices and Obesity, Laurian Unnevher
U.S. Farm Bill Policies Including R&D, Julian Alston
Taxes and Subsidies on Food, Beverages, and Ingredients, John Beghin
Making a Difference: Research Influencing Policy Change, Gail Woodward‐Lopez
Overview of Food Assistance Programs and Obesity, Lucia Kaiser
School Meals Programs, Helen Jensen
Fruit and Vegetable Programs, Gail Harrison

Nutritional Labeling, David Zorn
Access to Affordable and Nutritious Food: Understanding and Measuring Food Deserts, Michele Ver Ploeg
Public‐Private Roles, Ellen Goddard
Quantifying Obesity in Economics Research, Joanna Parks
Beverage Taxes, Jessica Todd
R&D Versus Subsidies, Abigail Okrent