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Farm and Food Policy and Obesity

May 21-22, 2010—UC Davis Conference Center

Contact: Jonathan Barker, jbarker@ucdavis.edu



This workshop marks the completion of a four-year project on the effects of agricultural policies on obesity, conducted at UC Davis and Iowa State University, with support by National Research Initiative Grant 2006–55215–16720 from the USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture

The purpose of the workshop is to report findings regarding the effects of agricultural and food policies on obesity.  In this context agricultural and food policies are taken to include farm commodity program policies and related policies, agricultural research policies, and food and nutrition programs as covered by the U.S. Farm Bill and related legislation in the United States.  The coverage will include results from other countries though the primary focus will be on the United States.


  • Provide an overview and synthesis of the state of the work in this area and a synopsis of the key research progress and findings in a form that is useful for a mixed audience

  • Identify gaps in the literature and the agenda for future research and outreach efforts on agricultural policy and obesity

  • Communicate findings from our project and demonstrate our accomplishments, and thereby generate recognition for our work and make it accessible to policymakers and others