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Commodities & markets, Exports, Management, Policy

AIC postdoctoral scholar Pablo Valdes-Donoso presented about “Dairy Manure Regulations and Economic Implications for Dairy Farms in California” to Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) students

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Policy

New California Milk Marketing Regulations Will Not Change Economic Fundamentals

Dr. Karen Klonsky: Distinguished Professional and Warm and Caring Friend

Commodities & markets, Food security, Policy

AIC postdoc Pablo Valdes-Donoso presented about “Regional Strategies to Control Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) in the US” in Baveno, Italy

Commodities & markets, Exports, International issues, Trade

New publication by AIC Post-doc Kjersti Nes and co-authors on fraud and international agricultural trade

Management, Policy, Studies

Former AIC researcher John Bovay and AIC director Dan Sumner published implications of the US Food safety regulations

Commodities & markets, Exports, International issues, Policy, Studies

New tariffs tax economic prospects of tree nut and fruit industries

Policy, Trade

AIC director Sumner explains economic impacts of recent trade actions in radio interview

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies

New UC cost study of a cow-calf operation in California’s Central Coast

Commodities & markets, Policy, Wine & winegrapes

AIC researchers present on cannabis economics at Cornell

The Agricultural Issues Center is now the UC Davis California Agricultural Issues Lab.


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