Advisory Board

The Center is advised by a board of distinguished professionals in the field of agriculture. The 11 members of the Board of Advisers are listed below. Each of their names is linked to a biography page with personal details, professional expertise, and institutional affiliations.

Joe Zanger, Chair

Charles Ahlem

Karen Caplan

Darrell Corti

Dan Dooley

Corny Gallagher

Jamie Johnson

Betsy Marchand

Jessica (Vergati) Nesbitt

Jim Rickert

Steven Rystrom

Peter Thor

Devry Boughner Vorwerk

Former AIC Advisory Board members

William F. Allewelt (Chair)
Jean Auer
Arnold Barcellos
Dan Dooley (Chair)
Richard Douglas
Robert M. Eberhardt
Tom Graff
Ralph Grossi
Alfoonso A. Guilin
Les Guthrie
George Hickman
Jyrl James-Massengale
Luther J. Khachigian
Arthur Littleworth
Howard Margueleas
Dorcas Thille McFarlane
Millie Meders
Michael J. Mendes
Peggy Mesinger
Graydon Nichols
Jack Pandol
Victor Pankey
Richard E. Rominger
Lois Salisbury
Henry Schacht
Terry Scranton
Brenda Jahns Southwick
Henry Voss
Richard Zacky

The Agricultural Issues Center is now the UC Davis California Agricultural Issues Lab.


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