AIC’s research staff works under the supervision of Director Dan Sumner and the Associate Directors of the Center. The staff includes a mix of PhD’s, professional research specialists, and graduate and undergraduate students at the University of California, Davis. The members of the current research staff of the AIC are listed below. Each of their names is linked to a page with a photo, personal details, and contact information.

Daniel A. Sumner, Director   530-752-1668

Robin Goldstein, Principal Economic Counselor

Karen Jetter, Research economist   530-754-8756

James Lapsley, Researcher

Hanbin Lee, Graduate Student Researcher

William Matthews, Researcher   530-752-1520

Jeremy Murdock, Staff Research Associate – Cost Studies    530-752-4651

Kjersti Nes, Graduate Student Researcher

Yolanda Pan, Graduate Student Researcher

Takumi Sakuyama, Visiting Scholar from Meiji University, Japan

Don Stewart, Staff Research Associate – Cost Studies      530-752-4651

Pablo Valdes-Donoso, Post Doc Researcher   530-752-1520

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