Other published materials:

MOCA: The Measure of California Agriculture
This publication documents California agriculture and its relationships to the rest of the economy by providing statistical details and an overview of unifying forces and trends. Selected key facts are also listed in a brochure format that includes some updates.

AIC books
Older publications from AIC and other sources. Many now available for download (includes titles previously available only from ANR catalog).

Marketing profiles
Short industry profiles on important California commodities with an emphasis on production, marketing, consumption, value added, trade and price trends for these commodities in the last one to two decades.

AIC Issues Briefs
Each Issues Brief is a 4-8 page exploration of a particular topic related to California agriculture. They are written periodically by University of California faculty, AIC staff, and other researchers. The Briefs are timely, non-technical summaries of research projects, written for a broad audience with an interest in the particular subject.

Online publications and data
These links contain electronic publications and data from AIC projects. Some of this material has not been printed in AIC summary publications and is not available anywhere else.

Research Working Papers
Posted chronologically, these links contain electronic publications and data that are related to AIC research areas, in many cases providing detailed and technical analysis of an important research issue.

AIC Posters
Posters from events and presentations.

AIC Quarterly
Quarterly newsletters from 1997-2005 available for download.

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