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Organic Agriculture

Statistical Review of California's Organic Agriculture 2009-2012

October 2013, pdf, 732KB) Karen Klonsky, Brian D. Healy. This publication quantifies the current size and growth of the organic industry in California in terms of acres, farm gate sales and number of growers statewide and by commodity, commodity group, county, and region, based on California Department of Agriculture registration data from 2009 - 2012.

Statistical Review of California’s Organic Agriculture 2005 – 2009

Statistical Review of California Organic Agriculture 2000-2005

Statistical Review of California's Organic Agriculture 1998-2003 (2005)

Statistical Picture of California's Organic Agriculture, 1995-1998 (2002)

Statistical Review of California's Organic Agriculture, 1992-1995 (1998)

Economics of Carbon Credits from Voluntary Practices on Rice Farms in the Sacramento Valley
(May 2011, pdf, 360kb) Cloe Garnache, John Thomas Rosen-Molina and Daniel A. Sumner.
This report provides an economic analysis of Green House Gas emissions from alternative rice production practices in the Sacramento Valley.

Comparison of Production Costs and Resource Use for Organic and Conventional Production Systems
Presentation slides.     Paper.
Presentation by AIC Associate Director Karen Klonsky for a webinar (3/1/2011) sponsored by NRCS.

The Profitability of Organic Agriculture: Lessons from the Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems Project (SAFS)
Presentation by AIC Associate Director Karen Klonsky for a USDA Organic Farming Systems Research Conference (3/16/2011) in Washington DC.

A Look at California's Organic Agriculture Production. Klonsky, Karen, ARE Update, Nov/Dec, 2010

Cooperative Extension Specialist Karen Klonsky's University of California, Davis, Agricultural and Resource Economics Faculty Webpage

United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service, National Organic Program


Organic Agriculture in California: A Statistical Review (no. 6, 1998, html)
Laura Tourte and Karen Klonsky provide data on organic agriculture in California, drawing from a larger study conducted in collaboration with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

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Volume 16, No. 4, 2002 (pdf)
Organic agriculture in the 2002 Farm Bill

Volume 14, No. 3, 2000 (pdf)
New Data Shows Trend in Organic Agriculture

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