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Risk management

Effects of Subsidized Crop Insurance on Crop Choices. Yu, Jisang, (2015)
Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the 2015 Agricultural & Applied Economics Association and Western Agricultural Economics Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco, 2015. See also slides from the presentation.

Comparison of Production Costs and Resource Use for Organic and Conventional Production Systems
Presentation by AIC Associate Director Karen Klonsky for a webinar (3/1/2011) sponsored by NRCS.
 - Presentation slides.    

The Profitability of Organic Agriculture: Lessons from the Sustainable Agriculture Farming Systems Project (SAFS)
Presentation by AIC Associate Director Karen Klonsky for a USDA Organic Farming Systems Research Conference (3/16/2011) in Washington DC.

Traceability, Product Recalls, Industry Reputation and Food Safety
(December 2010, pdf ) Sebastien Pouliot and Daniel A. Sumner.

Traceability, Liability and Incentives for Food Safety and Quality
February 2008 (American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 90 Iss.1.:15-27) by Sébastien Pouliot and Daniel A. Sumner. Exogenous increases in food traceability create incentives for farms and marketing firms to supply safer food by increasing liability costs.

Wild Pigs in California: The Issues
AIC Issues Brief #33, December 2007 (pdf, 270kb). Marcia Kreith. This Issues Brief tells the story of the wild pig in California, its economic and environmental impacts and evolving policy concerns. Regulated in California as a big game mammal, the wild pig is a non-native species.

Effects of Price Premiums for Multiple Product Attributes on Product Quality: California Processing Tomatoes (Nov. 2006, pdf, 81 kb)
Corinne Alexander, Rachael E. Goodhue, Sandeep Mohapatra, and Gordon C. Rausser examine how growers respond to price incentives and how these incentives interact for two important processing tomato quality attributes: limited use tomatoes and material other than tomatoes.

Potential Impact of Foot and Mouth Disease in California: The role and contribution of animal health surveillance and monitoring services, 1999, (html)
Javier M. Ekboir investigates the economic consequences for California's livestock industry of the sudden appearance of foot-and-mouth disease.


Traceability, Liability, and Incentives for Food Safety and Quality
Daniel A. Sumner and Sébastian Pouliot. This paper provides information about suppliers that allows application of liability for food safety or other product quality problems. Revised July 2007.

Risk and Returns to Policy-Created in a Portfolio Context: California Dairy Quota (pdf)
Paper by Daniel A. Sumner and Norbert L. W. Wilson. March 2002.


United States Department of Agriculture, Risk Management Agency

(You may have to browse the Quarterly to find the indicated article.)

Volume 18 No.2, 2004 (pdf)
Tree crop conference draws crowd
Workshops focus on risk management for small and beginning farms

Volume 17, No. 1, 2003 (pdf)
Long-term scenarios for California agriculture explored

Volume 16, No 1, 2002 (pdf)
Survey assesses specialty crop risks

Volume 14, No. 2, 2000 (pdf)
Extended Crop Insurance for California Horticultural Crops

Volume 12, No. 4, 1998 (html)
Seminar Covers the Gamut of Agricultural Risks

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