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Holstein cows

Exports, International issues, Media

AIC Director Sumner discusses agriculture prices with Marketplace

Commodities & markets, Management, Policy, Trade

Want to understand the laws of supply and demand? Watch the dairy industry

Holstein cows

Commodities & markets, Management

Dairy markets webinar with AIC Director Sumner

Commodities & markets, Food security, International issues, Management, Media

As meat plants idle, California has no shortage of fish, dairy

Commodities & markets, Food security, Management, Media

Fresh Produce and Milk Go to Waste Even as People Need Food Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Commodities & markets, Conservation & sustainability, Exports, International issues, Policy

California Agriculture in 2050: Still Feeding People, Maybe Fewer Acres and Cows

Exports, Food security, International issues, Media

Plant-based milk sales boom as traditional milk processing plants file for bankruptcy

Commodities & markets, Media

Organic Dairy: Economic Opportunities and Challenges With a Focus on California

Commodities & markets, Studies

AIC released new report “Contributions of the California Dairy Industry to the California Economy in 2018”

AIC news, Commodities & markets, Exports, Food security, Policy, Trade

AIC Director Sumner Presented “Contributions of the Dairy Industry to the California Economy ” to the California Milk Advisory Board

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