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Commodities & markets, Exports, International issues, Management, Policy, Wine & winegrapes

Should California winemakers be worried about China’s tariffs?

Commodities & markets, Conservation & sustainability, Food security, Media, Policy

Subsidies Have Little Influence on Food Prices

Commodities & markets, Studies, Wine & winegrapes

The True Value of California Wine Grapes

AIC news, International issues, Policy

Two AIC researchers to give talks at the International Consortium of Applied Bioeconomy Research

AIC news, Commodities & markets, International issues, Policy, Wine & winegrapes

Scholarship winner Gabrielyan and three others represent AIC at American Association of Wine Economics 10th annual conference

AIC news, Commodities & markets, Food security, Policy, Studies

Presentation on “the economics and politics of alternative funding models: benefits and beneficiaries”

AIC news, Commodities & markets, Food security, International issues, Policy

AIC’s Alston co-organizes workshop on funding the technology needed to feed eight billion people

Studies, Wine & winegrapes

Vinum Verum Viribus? Systematic Errors in Wine Alcohol Labels

Commodities & markets, Conservation & sustainability, Studies, Wine & winegrapes

The Benefits from Certified Virus-Free Nursery Stock: A Case Study of Grapevine Leafroll-3 in the North Coast Region of California

Food security, Studies

Effects of U.S. Public Agricultural R&D on U.S. Obesity and its Social Costs

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