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Commodities & markets, International issues, Policy, Studies

U.S. farm programs and African cotton. International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council Issues Brief, No. 22

Commodities & markets, Studies

Effects of price premiums for multiple product attributes on product quality: California processing tomatoes

Food security, Policy, Studies

Are Agricultural Policies Making Us Fat? Likely Links between Agricultural Policies and Human Nutrition and Obesity, and Their Policy Implications

Conservation & sustainability, Food security, Studies

Aggregate costs and benefits of government invasive species control activities

International issues, Studies, Wine & winegrapes

Marketing Wine on the Web

Commodities & markets, Policy, Studies

Political market power reflected in milk pricing regulations

Commodities & markets, International issues, Studies

Supply and Demand for Commodity Components: Implications of Free Trade versus the AUSFTA for the U.S. Dairy Industry

Policy, Studies

U.S. Agricultural Policy and The 2007 Farm Bill

Commodities & markets, Conservation & sustainability, Studies

The Payoff to Public Investments in Pest-Management R&D: General Issues and a Case Study Emphasizing Integrated Pest Management in California

Commodities & markets, Studies

Supermarket Fluid Milk Pricing Practices in the Western United States

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