Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, International issues, Studies

Growth in Saudi Hay Demand Likely to Have World-Wide Impacts

Wine & winegrapes, winegrapes

AIC’s Jim Lapsley shares wine history

Commodities & markets, Management, Policy

California Agriculture: Water, Labor, and Immigration Conference. April 14, 2017

Commodities & markets, International issues, Policy

Trade and Trade Policy Prospects for California Agriculture

Conservation & sustainability, Food security, International issues, Policy, Studies

Poverty, Hunger, and US Agricultural Policy: Do Farm Programs Affect the Nutrition of Poor Americans?

Commodities & markets, Conservation & sustainability, Management, Policy, Studies

State Regulation on Livestock Methane and Challenges Faced by the California Dairy Industry

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies, wine grapes, winegrapes

UC releases new cost study for growing winegrapes in the northern San Joaquin Valley

Commodities & markets, Management

When Someone Claims to Know Where Commodity Prices are Really Heading…Grab Your Wallet and Run!

Commodities & markets, Conservation & sustainability, International issues, Management, Policy, Studies

Sensitivity to GE Alfalfa remains Important for Alfalfa Export and Organic Markets

Commodities & markets, International issues, Management, Policy, Studies

Dynamic hay export growth led by China

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