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Commodities & markets, Management, Policy, Studies

Economics of the California Cut Flower Industry and Potential Impacts of Legal Cannabis

Commodities & markets, Food security, Management, Policy, Studies

Economic Effects of the U.S. Food Safety Modernization Act

Commodities & markets, Conservation & sustainability, Management, Policy, Studies

Economic Consequences of New Federal and State Regulations to Limit Antibiotic Use in Livestock

Commodities & markets, Studies, Wine & winegrapes

The True Value of California Wine Grapes

Commodities & markets, International issues, Management, Policy, Studies

US Farm Policy and Trade: The Inconsistency Continues

Commodities & markets, Management, Wine & winegrapes

Napa Wine Growers Optimistic About Recovery After California Fires

Commodities & markets, International issues, Management

Alfalfa and Grass Hay Exports on Track for Another Dramatic Increase in 2017

Commodities & markets, Wine & winegrapes

Napa and Sonoma County Fires and the Wine Industry

Commodities & markets, Costs & returns, Management, Studies

New Cost Studies released – Sweet Cherries in SJV under micro-sprinklers and Spanish version of Strawberry study

Commodities & markets, Studies, Wine & winegrapes

Best paper, Agricultural Economics journal 2016 – Consumer knowledge affects valuation of product attributes: Experimental results for wine

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