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Ex ante Economics of Exotic Disease Policy: Citrus Canker in California

This paper investigates the economic effects of an invasion of citrus canker in California. We consider the costs and benefits of eradication under alternatives including the size of the infestation, whether it occurs in commercial groves or in urban areas, and various economic and market conditions. The impacts of various eradication scenarios are compared to the alternative of allowing the disease to become established again under various conditions, including the potential for quarantine. We do not consider here the likelihood of an infestation or the specifics of exclusion policies. Rather we focus on economic considerations of eradication versus establishment.

View full PDF article here: Ex ante Economics of Exotic Disease Policy: Citrus Canker in California. Draft paper by Karen M. Jetter, Daniel A. Sumner and Edwin L. Civerolo, prepared for presentation at the Conference: “Integrating Risk Assessment and Economics for Regulatory Decisions,” USDA, Washington, DC, December 7, 2000.

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