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AIC Associate Director Julian Alston – awards and honors

AIC Associate Director Julian Alston recently received the following awards and honors:

Alston, J.M., J.P. MacEwan, and A.M. Okrent. “Effects of U.S. Public Agricultural R&D on U.S. Obesity and its Social Costs.” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy 38(3)(2016): 492–520.
– AAEA award for outstanding Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (AEPP) article in 2016.
– AAEA Food Safety and Nutrition Section, award for best paper on food safety and human nutrition, 2016.

Bovay, J. and J.M. Alston. “GM Labeling Regulation by Plebiscite: Analysis of Voting on Proposition 37 in California.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 41(2)(2016): 161–188.
– WAEA award for best article in the Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics in 2016.

Lence, S.H., D.J. Hayes, J.M. Alston, and J.S.C. Smith. “Intellectual Property in Plant Breeding: Comparing Different Levels and Forms of Protection.” European Review of Agricultural Economics 43(1)(2016): 1–29.
– EAAE award for best article in the European Review of Agricultural and Resource Economics in 2016 

Julian Alston has also co-authored a new book and presented the Fellow’s Address at the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association (AAEA) 2017 annual meeting:

Alston, J.M. and A.M. Okrent.
The Effects of Farm and Food Policy on Obesity in the United States.
New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, August 2017.

Alston, J.M. “Reflections on Agricultural R&D, Productivity, and the Data Constraint: Unfinished Business, Unsettled Issues.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, August 1, 2018.

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