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March 23-24, 2005

Economic forces for the next decade. (450 kb)
Vernon Crowder, Senior Vice President Bank of America

Food, nutrition and California agriculture. Part A (440 kb)... Part B (350kb)
Carl Keen, Professor Nutrition Department, UC Davis

Developing a new research system for the new millennium. (25 kb).
Ted Batkin, President California Citrus Board

Incentives? disincentives for California agriculture. (660 kb)
Stuart Woolf
, CEO, Woolf Enterprises

Policy overview for California agriculture: challenges and opportunities. (364 kb)
Jay E. Noel, Director, California Institute for the Study of Specialty Crops and Professor, California Polytechnic University, SLO

California and national issues for cooperatives and related organizations. (24 kb)
Michael Boland, Professor, Agricultural Economics, KSU and Associate Director – Arthur Capper Cooperative Center, KSU

Lessons from a CEO. (Part A (700 kb)... Part B (600 kb)
Michael Mendes, CEO, Diamond of California

The changing marketplace for California crops. Part A (270 kb)... Part B (600kb)... Part C (500 kb)...Part D (340 kb)
Roberta Cook, Extension Specialist, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis

Marketing ‘Specialty’ Specialty Crops. Part A (440 kb)... Part B (350kb)... Part C (830 kb)... Part D (670 kb)... PartE (220 kb)... Part F (914 kb)... Part G (900 kb)... Part H (500 kb)
Bill Gerlach, Research and Development Director, Melissa’s Specialty Products, Los Angeles

New specialty crops for California. Part A (500 kb)... Part B (600kb)... Part C (700 kb)...Part D (500 kb)
Mark Gaskell, UC Specialty Crops Workgroup and Small Farm Program

Postharvest handling issues with specialty crops. Part A (1560 kb)... Part B (600kb)... Part C (1560 kb)
Marita Cantwell, Extension Specialist, Department of Vegetable Crops, UC Davis

A global marketing and trade policy. (900 kb)
Devry Boughner, Director – International Relations, Cargill, Inc.

Overview of trade negotiations at the WTO.(380 kb)
Tim Josling, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

A California industry perspective
Joe Zanger, President, Casa de Fruta and Chair, California Farm Bureau Agricultural Trade Committee

VOC Issues (volatile organic compounds emissions from pesticides.
Randy Segawa, Sr. Environmental Research Scientist, California Department of Pesticide Regulation

Bioremediation of ground water environments.
Kate Scow, Professor, Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis

Use of genetic engineering to solve some California production problems. (840 kb)
Eduardo Blumwald, Professor, Pomology Department, UC Davis

Cover Crops and mulches for pest control (760 kb)
Mark Hoddle, Urban Biological Control Specialist, Department of Entomology, UC Riverside

New approaches to assessing fusarium in cotton (460 kb)
Robert Hutmacher, Associate Cooperative Extension Specialist UC Shafter Research and Extension Center
R. Michael Davis, Professor - Plant Pathology and Cooperative Extension Specialist Department of Plant Pathology, UCD

The EPA View .
Katherine A. Taylor, Manager - Pesticides and Toxics programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Southwest region

Agriculture: not just for breakfast anymore
Ken Trott, Staff Environmental Scientist, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Marketing orders and promotion: law and economic issues.

Richard Sexton, Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis

Traceability and commodity demand. (833 kb)
Mechel Paggi, Director, Center for Agricultural Business. California Agricultural Technology Institute, CSU, Fresno

Marketing issues. (93 kb)
Greg Magill, Broker, Joseph W. Ciatti Co

Meeting the challenges of food safety on fresh produce: A report card for California.
Trevor Suslow, Extension Specialist, Vegetable Crops Department, UC Davis

Biotechnology for California: Science, Policy and Marketing. (850 kb)
Kent Bradford, Director, UC Seed Biotechnology Center, and Chair, Professor & Plant Physiologist-AES, UC Davis

Biopesticide contribution to agricultural production: quality and safety.Part A ( 350 kb)...Part B (750kb)
Denise C. Manker, Vice President – Research and Development, AgraQuest

Three Worries for California Water Management (175 kb).
Richard Howitt, Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, UC Davis

Land (rural and urban interface issues
Alvin Sokolow, Extension Specialist Emeritus, Human and Community Development, UCD & Associate Director, UC AIC

Farm labor: agricultural production and rural communities. MS Word file (36 kb).
Phillip Martin, Professor, Dept. of Ag. & Resource Economics, UCD &Chair, UC Comparative Immigration & Integration Program

Sustainable agriculture and new technologies – transforming problems into win-win situations.
Rick Roush, Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Programs, University of California

California Agriculture in its global context: policy and market challenges and opportunities
Daniel A. Sumner, Director, UC Ag. Issues Center; and Frank H. Buck Jr. Chair Professor, Ag. and Resource Economics, UCD


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