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The Farm Bill and Western Agriculture

Presentation slides from the May 2013 conference at UC Davis
(all files are PDF)

Sponsored by OreCal, an Agricultural and Resource Policy Research collaboration between the Center for Agricultural & Environmental Policy at Oregon State University and the University of California Agricultural Issues Center.


“The Farm Bill: What it Does and What it Means.”
      (Joe Glauber's presentation, given by Dan Sumner)
Joseph Glauber, Chief Economist, USDA. Now working on his 5th Farm Bill, Joe is one of the most objective and knowledgeable experts on U.S. agricultural policy.


“The Expanding Role of Risk Management and Crop Insurance Policy.”
     Dr. Lee's presentationFinston Lee
     John Finston's presentation
Dr. Hyunok Lee, UC Davis Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, is the author of several studies on crop insurance and risk management in California
John Finston, Deputy Commissioner for California’s Department of Insurance and member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation.


“What Changing Federal Dairy Policy Means for Western Dairy and Related Industries.”
     Joe Balagtas' presentationMarsh
    Michael Marsh' presentation
    Valadao proposalBalagtas
Session organized and led by Professor Joseph Balagtas, Purdue University, with participation from producers, dairy industry experts and policy advocates.
Michael Marsh, CEO Western United Dairymen, Modesto California.


“How Federal Conservation, Energy and Climate Policy Affects Western Agriculture.”
     John Antle's presentationAntle
     JunJie Wu's presentation   Wu
Session organized and led by Professors John Antle and JunJie Wu, Oregon State University, with participation of scientists and stakeholders.