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Research Areas

Commodities and markets

Includes short industry profiles on important California commodities with an emphasis on production, marketing, consumption, value added, trade and price trends for these commodities in the last one to two decades.

Economics of agriculture in China
The Chinese economic situation and the implications for California agriculture.

Exotic pests and diseases

Examines the increasing threat to California from invading insect, weed and other pests or animal diseases from outside the state.

Farm Bill

Every five years or so the United States reconsiders its major food, farm and rural policies in a new Farm Bill. This page has information on the most recent revision.

Food Security

Food security may be defined roughly as reliable access to a nutritionally adequate diet now and for the future. This page features articles and publications relating this on state, national and international levels.

International trade

International markets and trade policy effects on California agriculture.

Land use and farmland conversion
Farmland Conversion:the problem and its policy solutions. Also includes the National Assessment. An evaluation of the impacts and effectiveness of the agricultural easement technique for protection of farmland from urbanization, as implemented by local and state agencies.

Natural resources and the environment
Natural Resources and the Environment: the problem and its policy solutions.

Organic agriculture
Organic agriculture in California: statistics and other information.

Personnel and hired farm labor
Articles and links explore farm labor health/safety relationships, guidance on agricultural labor management and ag labor relations.

Government policy issues affecting California agriculture.

Risk management
Crop choice, production, marketing and other risk factors affecting California agriculture,and possible mitigating strategies.

Science and technology

Science and technology changes affecting California agriculture, including agriculture in an e-commerce world.

In the past few decades, U.S. agriculture has steadily cleaned up its footprint on the landscape but major challenges remain.

Research collaborators
Links to our partners in research.

Research working papers
These links contain electronic publications and data that have not been published through AIC, but are related to AIC research areas, in many cases providing a more detailed and technical analysis of an important research issue.

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